The S4 Turbo heat boiler from Fröling offers everything a modern heating system needs. Innovation in burning, high quality manufacturing, and an attractive design combined with ease of use and functionality. And – last but not least: ecology. In two separate combustion chambers pellets and firewood can be burned. Thanks to the well-designed driving concept, it needs only little energy. A coloured touch display takes care of the control. The display automatically adapts to the light in the room. The operation unit can be swivelled to adapt to the incidence of light or the size of the user. Information or alarms are transmitted through froeling-connect via SMS. The developers have not only paid special attention to an appealing product design, but also to the ideal handling in every contact with the boiler, regardless whether it is control, ash removal or cleaning. All materials have been chosen according to the longevity. The openings for cleaning and maintenance are easy to access, maintenance and cleaning can be done comfortably. In addition, the S4 Turbo features a low power consumption; already in the production phase, Fröling has taken care in handling valuable resources respectfully.

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