Sharp Tumble Dryer

Sharp 2K20 New Series tumble dryer is designed to be convenient in use with its elegant style and wisely conceived accessories. Due to its well-arranged interface and control panel, it provides comfortable reading and high ease of operation. 3Drack® dryer rack provides a better drying performance which minimizes the touchpoints of delicate items and gives more room for the air. Pearl-odor technology gives refreshing fragrances on garments. The air flows into the pearl-odor and goes through the garments. Moreover, the T30 tumble dryer uses one of the most eco-friendly R290 refrigerants. Global Warming Potential of R290 refrigerants is around 500 times less than the other refrigerants which are commonly used in the current heat pump tumble dryer market.

+ well-arranged interface
+ 3Drack® for better drying performance
+ Pearl-odor technology
+ eco-friendly R290 refrigerants

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