The Abus compact digital recorder sets offer an easy to install and easy to operate video surveillance set for consumers and small enterprises. They distinguish themselves by their ease of use, the functionality and design. Kept in consistent white with rounded edges and a compact format, they fit neatly into every environment. At the same time, the cameras are very discreet. Thus, they are nearly invisible to the untrained eye, but visible enough to put off potential robbers. Installation and initial operation are extremely easy. All sets contain every component and installation materials which are needed for a fast installation – including a hard disk drive for the video recording. To display the images of the camera, the user only needs a monitor, a VGA or HDMI cable and a power connection for the recorder. The image is displayed immediately once the recorder is connected to the monitor. The constant recording starts automatically when switched on. The integrated hard disk drive can record non-stop up to six weeks. With the cost-free iDVR App from Abus, live images and recordings can be accessed any time.

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