• The Plus X Award Seals of Approval

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The Plus X Award Seals Of Approval

For 18 years now, Plus X Award’s well-established seals of approval have been providing market guidance and have been giving meaningful recommendations as to which product or service to buy. In today’s markets, it is more important than ever to support consumers in their buying decision and to help them identify innovative and quality products. Furthermore, Plus X Award’s seals of approval constitute bold unique sales propositions clearly distinguishing you from your competitors and they maximise those USPs’ impact right at that point where you can give your customers that final incentive – and that’s at the point of sale.

If a product has not been manufactured to the highest standards and does not meet state-of-the-art specifications, it definitely has no chance to win a Plus X Award seal of approval. And these are only the minimum requirements for a product to be submitted to the Plus X Award jury panel for assessment.

The seven Plus X Award seals of approval for innovation, quality, design, ease of use, functionality, ergonomics and ecology provide guidance to both consumers and trade in their purchasing decisions throughout the supply chain. These categories reflect extraordinary and critical product features, allowing both customers and trade to quickly and clearly identify the added value of a product in comparison to competitor products.

If a product or service is awarded one or several of Plus X Award’s seven seals of approval, it qualifies for a potential additional, special award, such as “Best Product of the Year”, “Best Design Brand”, and “Most Innovative Brand of the Year”.


The word “innovation” stems from the Latin word “innovation”, which means renewal or change. In our society, we often use the word if something new appears. But: Products with the “Plus X Factor” are no “me-too” products. They are innovative and represent the latest technology. Up-to-date technology is a must, because it is future-proof and the basis for a long product lifetime and usage.

High Quality

One of the most important quality seals for a product is the “High Quality” seal. On the one hand, it represents the aspiration of the manufacturer to provide top quality to its customers. On the other hand, the seal also shows the durability of a product. “High Quality” products distinguish themselves from mass products, which are only made for fast consumption and with regards to a prompt exchange. “High Quality” products are an investment into the future.


Reducing the complexity of technology becomes increasingly important, formally as well as with regards to content. For a lot of manufacturers, this has been developed as a philosophy. TV sets, automatic coffee machines or portable devices: functional design is a clearly visible trend. More and more companies recognize this and focus on the design of their products – often successfully as the products which were able to win a Plus X Award in the “Design” category have proven.


If a product fulfils its functions or even a group of functions in a very efficient and user-friendly way, it will be awarded with the Plus X Award quality seal for functionality. Innovative products feature basic functions as well as numerous additional functions. Those functions should interact with the basic functions harmonically to fulfil the requirements of the users. The range functions as well as the use benefits are also rated.

Ease of use

If manufacturers want to enthuse consumers for technological novelties and the performance of their products, they need to create a comfortable handling as well as add a well thought-through instruction. Product development, product design and technical communications need to work hand in hand to guarantee a comprehensive user support for a new product. Only products which are easy and intuitive in their handling can “open up” those innovations for consumers.


Today, saving energy is not only a matter of ecological aspects to protect the environment, but also one way to save money. Minimising emissions of devices such as sound, dust or pollutants is equally important for man and the environment, although it is often less transparent for consumers. Being innovative and creating trends always needs courage. Lifting products from the mass of the market helps the consumer and works as a catalyst for further courageous steps towards sustainability and technical innovation.


Ergonomics targets to produce products which are easy and comfortable in use. The interface between man and product needs to be fitted perfectly well to its user, so that he takes no harm and can use the product in an optimal way. The basic rule is: The user is the centre.

Usage of the the Plus X Award Seals Of Approval

Public Relations

Being awarded a Plus X Award quality seal is an effective and strong message that is received by the media with great interest. Use a press release and other PR tools to distribute the award of one of the world’s best-known innovation and design awards.

Internal communication

The Plus X Award is an accolade that every company can be proud of and which works as a motivation for employees. Show your employees that they are doing something special and communicate the award also internally, e.g. you intranet or in house magazine or present the award certificate at your company’s locations.

Classical communication

The quality seal of the Plus X Award quickly and easily communicates the outstanding and decisive factors for buying your product and increases the attention of the public. Make use of this USP and integrate the quality seal in classical advertising, product catalogues, TV spots or other.

Online communication

Maximise the outreach of your message with the Plus X Award. In addition to classical online advertising, news on your website or the use in different social media channels, the integration of the Plus X Award quality seal for example in your email signature guarantees a simple, but effective way of distribution.


The quality seal of the Plus X Award is not only an efficient tool when selling to consumers, but also a strong argument for sell-in to retail. Use this argument in sales talk and integrate the Plus X Award seals into your sales folders to convince your market partner of your product quality.

POS materials

Make use of the sales-support of the Plus X Award quality seals where you can give your potential customers the last kick to buy: at the Point of Sale. Integrate the quality seals with the categories you have won into your POS materials to communicate your product features fast and unanimously.

Packaging design

Create an additional sales argument and a high profile distinction from your competition at the Point-of-Sale. For optimal integration of the quality seal in your packaging, we deliver different colour and language variations of the seals.

Exhibitions / Events

Present yourself as the innovator in your industry and integrate the sought-after accolade of the Plus X Award into your booth concept. Thus, you have an additional way to show your visitors the success of your products and brand. A special variation thereof is to exhibit the award certificate which is handed out for every awarded product.

Participate now!

Would you like to submit your product to the Plus X Award and benefit from the effect of the seven quality seals? Please contact or request your participation form for the submission of your products without obligation.

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