• Lifetime Achievement Award

The Lifetime Achievement Award

Some characters have put their mark on whole industries for many years. Characters, that achieved great things by their unique ideas, braveness, diligence and dedication. The “Lifetime Achievement Award” of the Plus X Award aims to honour the entrepreneurship and the lifetime achievement of those people.

So far, only seven people have received this prestigious award – another sign of the exclusive character of this award, which is handed out based on the decision of a penal of judges. But also specific market developments have guided the judges in their decision.

Prof. Dr. Bodo W. Lambertz

At the 2019 Day of the Brand and for the seventh time in its history, PLUS X AWARD recognized a top entrepreneur for his lifetime achievement. Professor Dr. Bodo Lambertz, innovator and creator of the X-Bionic brand, has revolutionised sportswear with his bionic-inspired technology. The presentation of the Lifetime Achievement Award to Professor Lambertz was a highlight of the TV programme.

Dieter Burmester (Posthum)

In 2016, the trophy was handed out posthumously for the first time. Marianne Burmester, the widow of the high-end audio pioneer Dieter Burmester, who died in 2015, got the Lifetime Achievement Award in his name at the Plus X Award Night in Bonn.

Prof. Hartmut Esslinger

The first German laureate followed in 2015 in the person of Prof. Hartmut Esslinger, the founder of frog Design and one of the most influential industrial designers of all times. He received the award during the Plus X Award Night in the Plenary Hall of the First German Bundestag in Bonn.

Peter Skak Olufsen

The fourth Laureate is Peter Skak Olufsen (+2013), long-time CEO and descendant of the founder of Bang & Olufsen. He received the Lifetime Achievement award during the award ceremony in Cologne in 2013.

Noel Lee

In 2012, the Plus X Award welcomed „Headmonster“ Noel Lee – the founder of Monster Inc. and one of the architects of the success of Beats Audio – to its award ceremony in Cologne.

Prof. Amar G. Bose

Prof. Amar. G. Bose (+2013) is the second laureate of the Lifetime Achievement Award. Bose is the founder of the Bose Corporation and has established one of the world’s leading players in the audio industry. The award was handed over during the Plus X Award Night on 20th May 2008 in Boston, MA, USA.

Sir James Dyson

The first personality to receive the „Lifetime Achievement Award“ was Sir James Dyson in 2007. The visionary inventor is the founder of Dyson, a technology company with a specific recognition for its innovative solutions in floor cleaning. The golden trophy was handed over in the British Embassy in Berlin.

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