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Beautify with Excellence: Der PLUS X AWARD Cosmetics

Auszeichnung für ihre Nachhaltigkeit

The PLUS X AWARD Cosmetics recognises outstanding achievements and innovations in the cosmetics industry. The seal of approval highlights products that stand out for their quality, efficacy, safety, sustainability and ease of use. This encourages companies to continuously strive for excellence and develop innovative solutions. The PLUS X AWARD Cosmetics provides consumers with reliable guidance when selecting cosmetic products. The award signals that a product meets high standards and is recommendable. Consumers can rely on the quality and innovative properties of the award-winning products.

The award categories

Innovation involves the development of new ideas, products, technologies and services to improve the beauty industry. This includes product innovation with new ingredients and packaging, technological innovation with integration of AI and VR, and sustainability innovation with environmentally friendly approaches. Innovation is critical to meeting consumer needs, staying competitive and entering new market segments while providing consumers with more advanced products and an enhanced experience.

High Quality refers to products, services or brands that offer a high standard of excellence, efficacy and safety. This is achieved through carefully selected high-quality ingredients, proven efficacy, strict safety standards, precise processing and appealing packaging. High Quality stands for outstanding performance and customer satisfaction in the cosmetics industry.

Design encompasses the creation of products, packaging, brand identities and facilities to create aesthetically pleasing and functional solutions. This includes product and packaging design, graphic design and branding. Design plays an important role in reinforcing brand identity and creating a positive customer experience. It promotes the attractiveness of the products, shapes the brand image and fosters customer loyalty.

Ease of use refers to products or treatments that provide users with a pleasant and comfortable experience. This includes ease of use without complex instructions, pleasant texture and consistency, pleasant fragrance and skin compatibility. Saving time and effort can also contribute to user comfort. The goal is to provide user satisfaction and regular application to achieve the desired results.

Sustainability aims to minimise environmental impact and promote sustainable development in the long term. This includes the use of environmentally friendly ingredients from sustainable sources and environmentally friendly packaging that is recyclable or biodegradable. Sustainability is important to protect resources, reduce the environmental footprint and strengthen the brand image.

Compatibility refers to a product interacting well with skin, hair or other areas of the body without causing adverse reactions. This includes skin compatibility, hair compatibility, eye compatibility and allergen-free. Products labelled as dermatologically tested have undergone rigorous testing to confirm their compatibility. Tolerance is an important feature to ensure consumer safety and well-being and requires careful ingredient selection and transparent labelling.

The Jury

Paolo Maria

Content Creater Beauty- & Lifestyle





Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle




Alycia Marie

Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle, Musican




Elif Sima

Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle, Musican





Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle, Musican, Entrepreneur




Esther Crashion

Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle



Jannis Baudelaire

Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle




Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle




Luisa Crashion

Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle, Entrepreneur




Ayan Yuruk

Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle, Entrepreneur, Moderation



Lourene Gollatz

Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle



Paula Senfkorn

Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle




Jezz Gross

Content Creator Naildesign and Entrepreneur





Content Creator Beauty- & Lifestyle




Our added value for you:


The sustainability award increases the credibility of your company, especially since the seal of approval is awarded by an independent jury. This can help build stakeholder confidence and position your company as a trustworthy partner.

SEO Marketing

In case of an award, you will receive a free placement on our website. The value of this link is: 1.200€. Advantages: Higher visibility and reach and significant increase in the performance of your website.

Story Telling

Use the seal of approval to draw attention to your brand. A high-profile and powerful message that is also associated with great media interest.

Competitive advantage

The sustainability award is a competitive advantage, especially in industries where sustainability is becoming increasingly important. Companies that actively promote sustainability and demonstrate this through an award stand out from the competition and build greater customer loyalty and retention.

Increasing the brand value

Signal to the market and consumers that your company cares about sustainability and is rewarded for it. This will increase your reputation and enhance your company’s brand value.

Request now without obligation

We cordially invite all manufacturers, designers, supporting agencies etc. to submit their cosmetics products, product series and technologies to the Plus X Award. This request is completely non-binding and initially only serves to inform you about the application process and the conditions of participation. If you decide to submit one or more products, simply send us the completed entry forms. If you already have initial questions, please do not hesitate to let us know via the form field or contact us by phone.

Strategic partnership with expertise: Matie Management

“We are extremely pleased to partner with PLUS X AWARD Cosmetics. This collaboration allows us to further advance our passion for quality and innovation in the cosmetics industry. Together, we will work to recognise and promote outstanding products and brands. This partnership is a significant step in our journey to set new standards and help shape the future of the cosmetics industry.”

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