ACO ShowerDrain S+

The Shower Drain S+ by ACO captivates way before you take your first shower. Thanks to the innovative gradient piece ACO Pad, installation and aligning of the drain are simplified so that no spirit level is needed. The elegant profile of the drain is made of 4mm thick, long-lasting and well-recyclable stainless steel with a modest gradient to the middle of the outlet. The electropolished high-quality surface enables the water to run off in drops without remains. The Tip&Flip function makes it easy to remove the grille one-handedly and without tools, which makes it easy to clean it uncomplicatedly and hygienically. Furthermore, it gives an easy access to the pipes for eventual maintenance.

+ innovative gradient piece ACO Pad for simple installation
+ long-lasting stainless steel and electropolished surface for simple cleaning
+ Tip&Flip function for simple removing the grille

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