The Ultraceptic bagless vacuum cleaner from AEG is efficient and easy to operation. Its innovative new “Compact and Go” feature compresses the dust in the container so it can be conveniently disposed of in three easy steps. The UltraCaptic is much lighter than most other multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaners but cleans just as well. The powerful multi-cyclonic technology, along with the highly efficient and quiet-running AeroPro Silent floor nozzle ensure outstanding results. The flexible floor nozzle and convenient 3-in-1 accessories are suitable for cleaning all surfaces, including wood floors, carpets, tiles and furniture. The Ultracaptic has a highly effective HEPA 13 filter that was developed especially for people with allergies, which filters out even the tiniest particles – so the ideal vacuum cleaner for people with allergies is also the one that produces the best cleaning results.

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