The battery shearing machine „Econom CL Equipe“ by Aesculap has been designed for the shearing of horses. It features an integrated motor which – like its wired counterpart – reached 2,250 rounds per minute. In addition, its control keeps the rotation speed always constant, regardless of how strong the load at the shearing head gets. The batteries of the “Econom CL Equipe” are based on latest Lithium-Ion technology. The size of the batteries enables the user to shear for 70 minutes without pause. During this time, the second, optionally available, battery, fully recharges so that the machine can be used around the clock. An absolute novelty for shearing machines is the electronical, pressure-driven On-/Off-Switch. It only reacts after 0.5 seconds of activation time to prevent accidential switching on or off.

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