The alphaEOS is the only heating control system available the can learn how the physical characteristics of a building are. Based on a special technique (patent pending) and weather forecasts, it can control the climate in every room in advance. This is an innovation in that area, being complemented by design, ease of use and functionality as well as ecology. The proactive control results in a maximum of comfort and a minimal energy consumption. All aphaEOS components feature a minimalistic design. The alphaEOS App visualizes all functions and the intelligence clearly and attractively, allowing for an intuitive control. The alphaEOS system has been consequently optimized for installation and operation via smart phones and tablets. The user can enter all data from home as well as on the move with his smart phone (iOS or Android). The heating strategy thus adapts to the every day life of the user. In addition, the clear labelling of all functions, statuses and notifications in the app further enhances the ease of use.

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