With UNO, Avantgarde Acoustic has now presented another horn loudspeaker with XD technology. Despite its impressive height of nearly 1.5 metres and a weight of 75 kilogrammes, its midrange and tweeter horns make the UNO look more like a timeless sculpture than a loudspeaker. The housing itself rests on a sturdy metal frame carried by adjustable spikes. The two woofers powered by a 1,000 watts amplifier can, if you wish, reverberate through your chest for an exhilarating listening experience. UNO XD allows the audiophile to precisely adjust level, delay, high and low pass filters, some of them even in the sub-categories frequency (1 hertz increments), filter type (Bessel, Butterworth, Linkwitz-Riley) and activation. These adjustments can be comfortably made from your laptop and the UNO software. Avantgarde Acoustic’s UNO will adapt even to the most challenging room acoustics thus allowing the audiophile to indulge in superior sonic quality

+   Perfect adjustability
+   Diligent workmanship
+   Superior sonic quality

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