Bada&Bou play furniture

The play furniture of the brand Bada&Bou stands out as a combination of toys and furniture from the mass of various pieces of furniture. With the three eponymous products “ba”, a rocking whale, “da”, a bouncing rabbit and “bou”, a rolling elephant, the brand combines playful design with functional usability. The rolling elephant, for example, can be used as a rolling vehicle as well as a tidy box and playmate. The rocking whale and the bouncing bunny also offer playful elements in addition to their functional role as seating. The products of Bada&Bou are characterized not only by their unique design and the associated functionality, the pieces of furniture handmade in Italy also convince with their high quality.

+ durable and high-quality choice of materials
+ already usable for young children (age recommendation between 12-36 months, depending on the product)

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