High quality and design, ease of use and functionality are the features of the Ultimate NoFrost KGNF 20P OD A3+ fridge-freezer from Bauknecht. The device is manufactured of high-quality materials; the stainless steel visualizes this demand for quality. The portrait user-interface with touch technology is located in the upper part of the door, offering access to all functions of the Ultimate NoFrost fridge-freezer. The illumination inside creates an equal distribution of the light. Depending on the model, the LEDs do not only glow from above, but also from the sides and the back wall of the fridge. Thus, the user always has a complete overview, even if the fridge is completely fully loaded. With the Ultimate NoFrost technology, Bauknecht has effectively developed existing technologies further. Fridge and freezer each feature their own, independent NoFrost system, which completely protects against the development of ice. Thanks to the active humidity regulation, no ice crystals can build up at the rear wall. The separate cooling circuits make sure that no odor is taken from fridge to freezer and vice versa.

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