BEHNCKE AQUAVISION Poolmanagement System

Swimming pool owners know how much work it is to keep the pool in a good condition. A reliable pool management system such as Aquavision by Behncke is the perfect support. Highly precise technology, special high quality components as well as innovative filter technologies give the pool crystal-clear water and hereby guarantee a long pool life. Filter pumps with precisely regulated revs support the optimal filtration process and the Active Poly Floc technology guarantees effective coagulation and flocculation of microscopically small particles of down to one micrometre. Adding ACO for an active catalytic oxidation improves the disinfection of the water and at the same time prevents the photo-oxidation of chlorine (which leads to the smell of chlorine and irritations).

+ highly precise pump and filter technology
+ Active Poly Floc
+ reduction of the smell of chlorine and irritations through ACO

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