Hardly any other induction cooking hob can be used as flexibly as the Beko HII68600 PTX. With its Sensortouch control and black ceramic surface, it outwardly appears no different from other induction hobs, which generate heat directly in the base of the pot. However, the two halves of its cooking field have a very different structure from that of other cookers in its class. Each half consists of four cooking zones which can be switched together in various combinations. It can therefore supply different temperatures to every possible pot combination ranging from two large fryers to eight small pots. And a heating power of up to 2.5 kW is available to each cooking zone – in other words, a total of 5 kW on each side. Every zone can be regulated in 18 steps, while safety features cover child protection, residual heat indication and pot detection.

+   IndyFlex+ for up to eight cooking zones
+   Variable zone sizes
+   Safety switch-offs

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