The working height of the Best Culinago&Ghibli ceramic hob/fume extractor combination is infinitely adjustable between 75 and 120 centimetres. People of different sizes can therefore work together ergonomically at one and the same cooking place. In addition, three stages can be defined to find the right setting quickly. The elegantly styled combination can be integrated into any kitchen, either as a cooking island or a built-in unit. The fume extractor can be controlled directly via a touchscreen or from the control panel of the cooker and is therefore always within direct reach. The exhaust ducts are positioned in the area of the lifting mechanism, which is patented in Europe, so that the base cabinets remain completely free for storage.

+   Height-adjustable cooking island with fume extractor
+   Ingenious exhaust routing preserves storage space in base cabinets
+   Designed in Italy, made in Europe

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