Bianco di puro Attivo Nutri De Blender

Even in its novice range, bianco di puro offers all the hallmarks of the brand in its Attivo Nutri De blender – Italian design, a blender jug consisting of BPA-free titan, 10 speed settings, pre-set blending programmes for various foods and a pulse function for manual operation. And even this “smallest” jug blender has one advantage over others of the same brand: along with a blender jug with a capacity of one litre, a handle and a pouring spout, bianco di puro supplies a 0.6-litre sports jug that can be stored and carried conveniently while on the move. It has two lids – one for sealing and the other for drinking in motion without spilling.

• Cold and hot blended drinks and soups in an instant
• 800 watt drive for up to 24,500 revolutions
• Additional sports blender jug with 0.6-litre capacity

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