Bianco di puro Instant Fast Heating Water Station

Italian brands are setting trends in drinks. Who has never wished to have filtered water ready always at just the right temperature for coffee, tea or coco, simply by pressing a button? The IFH (Instant Fast Heating) Water Station WS 800 from bianco di puro does just that. From a two-litre supply container, the machine pumps 150, 250 or 350 millilitres of water on command into a glass or cup at a selected temperature shown in a LED display. Or as much as the user wants to obtain by start/stop command. The 2,200 watt machine swiftly brings the water to the temperature selected via a touch sensor.
•   Supplies filtered water at the touch of a button
•   Flow heater for hot water
•   Accurate water temperature settings from room temperature to 100° C

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