Bianco di puro Volto Nutri De Blender

The top model of a new jug blender range is bianco di puro’s Volto Nutri De blender. The 1.5-litre blender jug houses six blades rotating at up to 32,000 revolutions. Besides eight different blending programmes, one manual mode enables the temperature of the chopped and blended contents to be measured and controlled via the tamper. The blender is equipped with the required thermometer and display. Aided by ten different speed settings, the user can therefore achieve the exact temperature and consistency for chosen recipes ranging from frozen drinks and smoothies to tangy dressings and soups.

• 8 pre-set blending programmes from frozen yoghurt to soups.
• 1,400 watt drive for up to 32,000 revolutions
• Tamper with integrated thermometer

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