Bien-Zenker CONCEPT-M I

The bungalow Concept-M I by Bien-Zenker has been designed as an exclusive bungalow in prefabricated construction. It is characterized by its striking architecture. The goal is to melt the interior with the outside area by the design and create different height levels. In addition, the large terrace and the pool, the vertically offset sleeping areas with the additional wooden slats façade and the atrium create extravagant accents. An integrated building management system operates the whole house technology. It is controlled via touch pad, manually, by voice control or app, also fulfilling highest requirements in this segment. By using regenerative energy and the use of wood, the Concept-M I also sets the standard with regards to ecology.

+ exclusive bungalow in prefabricated construction
+ striking architectures
+ clear zoning of the rooms and different levels

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