Bien-Zenker EVOLUTION 163 V3

The prefabricated house Bien-Zenker Evolution 163 V3 strikes with its architectural connection of straight lines and round elements. This is visible by the “Circle Wall” on the ground floor, which extends the living room to the outside, creating an optical highlight. The integrated carport takes up the rounding by its brown façade “edges” in a playful way. In contrast to this, the clear main building structure features a specifically straight geometry. The suspense lies in the combination of both elements. Inside, Bien-Zenker combines functionality with comfort. The manyfold space offering for different phases in one’s life offers flexibility – including a home office. Thanks to a comprehensive use of wood and regenerative energies, the house is also up-to-date when it comes to ecology.

+ prefabricated house with “Circle Wall” as design highlight
+ manyfold space offering for flexible use
+ Greenwall besides the carport

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