The Evolution Fellbach prefabricated house from Bien-Zenker is an innovative house with high quality and design and ecological aspects. The modern, representative single-family-house design features a high amount of glass in the façade’s design. Highlights are the round joint windows, the design corner window and the glass design entrance element as well as the XL glazing of the staircase and the LXL glass façade Light control systems in the roof make sure that the upper floor is fully illuminated with daylight. The Evolution Fellbach opens up the Plus-Energy area of Bien Zenker at a reasonable price. The energy for the Energy-Plus heat pump is completely provided by a photovoltaic system on the roof. A building management system creates a high comfort of living and saves additional energy. The Thermo-Wall+ takes care of an optimized heat damming and noise protection. With these features, the Evolution Fellbach house fulfils the

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