Blaupunkt Bluebot XBoost

The Bluebot XBoos robotic vacuum cleaner from Blaupunkt creates more cleanliness in the house. Its BLDC motor guarantees a longer lifetime compared to standard motors and a better suction performance. The scratch-free cover made of hardened glass represents protection and design alike. In addition, the Bluebot XBoost is flexible in operation: It can either be started directly at the device, via the Bluebot App, a remote control or by smart home platforms such as Alexa or Google Home. Thanks to its flat built, the robotic vacuum cleaner also reaches under the furniture – and also finds its way home to the charging station by itself.

+ especially powerful robotic vacuum cleaner
+ high ease of use thanks to numerous ways to operate
+ combination brush for hard floors and carpets
+ weekly workplan can be set

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