Blueair AB Classic 680i

The new Top model of the classic series is called Blueair Classic 680i. Top model, because this air purifier can provide clean air to rooms of a size up to 72 square meters. Three HEPA filters of the HEPASilent technology clean up to 1088 m³/h of pollen, for dust and smoke it is still up to 872 m³. In spite of this high performance, the air purifier always stays this silent, that you can barely hear it even in smaller rooms – because its fan doesn’t need to run at top speed, but in the 33 dB silent mode. The operation of the Blueair Classic 680i works elegantly and modernly via a smart phone App, which controls speed and thus throughput and volume from a distance.

+ Works until rooms up to 72 square meters
+ Maximum volume: 62 dB
+ Operation via WiFi possible

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