Blueair AB Sense+

The air purifier Blueair Sense+ can work nearly without being heard. In the most silent level, it is only 24 dB “loud”, and even in its loudest level with 50 dB, a whisper can be louder. But the designer piece of metal and glass has even more to offer. A new technology with HEPA filter – the name HEPASilent combines all features just mentioned, removes up to 99.97 per cent of all particles from the air, up to a size of 0.1 µm. But elegance doesn’t stop with design, it is also part of the control. A sensor at the device reacts to swiping and an App for the iPhone (with an Android App currently in development) offers the possibility to control the device via WiFi connections, if you are not at home.

+ HEPASilent technology filters 99.97 per cent of all particles
+Casing made of metal and glass
+ Control via smart phone App and W-LAN

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