With the launch of the SoundTouch series, Boses offers a completely new experience for operation, comfort and listening. The perfectly well guided installation of the SoundTouch system is typical. It is simply connected to a computer and leads intuitively through the installation. Besides AirPlay, which can be used by Apple devices, the W-LAN integration offers considerable advantages. Once the six station keys are programmed, no computer or smart device is needed to retrieve music from the internet or a computer playlist – the touch of a button is enough. In addition, the system can be controlled by the enclosed remote control or – even more comfortable – with the cost-free App. This App is also able to control several SoundTouch systems – synchronous or individually, according to the user’s needs. This is the easiest way to create a wireless multi-room system. The crowning of this extraordinary comfort is the outstanding sound quality of the SoundTouch 30 Wireless Music System that also perfectly treats larger rooms with sound.

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