Relaxation for the consumer – that’s what brainLight offers with its “brainLight-Synchro Touch complete” model in combination with the 3D-Shiatsu-massage chair “FLOAT PLUS”. The Shiatsu-massage chair features a broad range of different usage programmes – specificially expanded for the private user – and enables relaxation by agreeable wellness music and visualization specs which create calming colours and forms to the inner eye. During the whole treatment you can be accompanies by an agreeable voice giving hints. The already versatile range of programmes is now made even larger by new programmes such as “Quotes on different topics”, “Philosophy by Dr. Phil. Christoph Quarch” and “Enjoying music from classical to modern”. The combination of XXL Touch complete and 3D FLOAT PLUS is so easy to control that you don’t need a handbook. The 3D-Shiatsu-massage chair FLOAT PLUS can also be operated separately by using its own control panel.

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