BUDERUS Logatherm WSW196i(T)

The ground of the earth is an excellent and inexhaustible thermal store which is the perfect basis for ecofriendly heating and the saving of heat costs. The heat pumps WSE 196i (T) and WES 186i (T) are the most fitting heating systems for this purpose. In the design of the Titanium Line for example, the WSE 196i (T) is particularly quiet and with the integrated reservoir of 180 liters it is very compact so that it can be set up in smaller rooms as well. Thanks to the inverter technology the heat pump adapts to the actual heating requirements. This enables a noticeable increase of efficiency. You will heat especially ecologically by combining the heat pump by Buderus with other regenerative energies such as solar, photovoltaic or biomass.

+ ecofriendly heating technology
+ compact and quiet
+ inverter technology
+ combinable with other regenerative systems

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