Burg-Wächter eBoxx ParcelLock

With the parcel box and parcel bag eBoxx ParcelLock and eBoxx Bag ParcelLock, Burg-Wächter presents two products, which convince with innovation, high quality, ease of use and functionality. With the eBoxx ParcelLock and the eBoxx Bag ParcelLock, parcels from different delivery services can be accepted and returns sent back. Unsuccessful delivery attempts thus belong to the past. Communication with the delivery service and the Box works via a Bluetooth connection. This needs neither a constant power supply nor a steady data connection, but is based on a registration of the system. While the eBoxx Bag ParcelLock has been designed for use at the apartment door, e.g. for tenants in apartment houses, the eBoxx ParcelLock has been designed for outdoor use.

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