CARRERA Haarschneider No. 622

In the new Carrera body-grooming programme, the Carrera Hair Clipper No. 622 is responsible for shaping long hair. It has three comb attachments for the job: one for lengths between four and 19 millimetres, another for 21 to 36 millimetres and a third to thin out thick hair. In addition, the titan-coated ceramic cutting mechanism can be finely adjusted in tenths-of-a-millimetre increments to achieve the exact styling impression envisaged at that moment. The clipper comes equipped with a high-performance accumulator that supports every cut needed for a perfect job for up to an hour. The LED display indicates not only the length of the cuts but also the remaining accumulator capacity.
+   Titan and ceramic cutting mechanism
+  LED display for fine-setting hair length
+   Accumulator lasts one hour

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