CARRERA Wasserkocher No. 551

The Carrera Water Kettle No. 551 is distinguished by the elegant design of its product family. As in all other products of the range, the function keys are backlighted by LEDs – in this case, the different temperature settings between 60 and 100° C and a keep-warm button. This equips the kettle to prepare all beverages ranging from hot soup or tea to powder-based, blended milk drinks. The kettle with its 1.5-litre stainless steel container can be conveniently filled via a lid that opens at a 90-degree angle. It is equipped with safeguards that switch it off when empty or in danger of overheating and is mounted on anti-slip feet. An integrated cable rewind stows away the power cable for storage.

+ Unitary product family design
+ 2,200 watt heating power with degree-by-degree temperature settings
+ 1.7-litre stainless steel container

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