The individual induction cooking field Caso Various 2000 is designed for use in small kitchens, caravans or as an additional, high-performance cooker. The simple cooker’s own, self-explanatory pictograms and excellent design turn it into an eye-catcher in any surroundings. A SensorTouch display allows 12 temperature settings between 60 and 200° C to be selected directly. The cooker also delivers the right temperature sequences at all times for its seven direct functions – cooking, browning, milk, hotpot, roasting, steaming and keeping warm. The glossy ceramic glass surface not only looks distinguished but is also easy to clean. The timer of the 38-millimetre flat cooking field can be set for the next 120 minutes.

+   Temperature pre-selection
+   Up to 2 kW performance
+   Distinguished styling for any environment

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