The award-winning fine joint CE 40 Allround 1-10 Aquastatic remains permanently water and dirt resistant thanks to the Trio-Protect-Formula by Henkel research. Thus, it represents long-lasting, hygienic cleanliness. Key to this – according to the panel of judges – is the ecologically safe Trio-Protect technology developed by Henkel research. It combines the proven hygienic know how of the mother company with the tile competency of Ceresit building technology. Three active ingredients that have been exactly harmonized prevent the adhesion of detrimental microorganisms, hinder the spreading of spores and block the mould-building. The threefold protection keeps the joints attractive for a long time and favours a healthy living climate. This innovation also follows the high Henkel quality standard, says the panel of judges. The very fine, smooth and easy to clean joint surfaces offer a lotus effect and reject water and dirt. Thus, the versatile joint is ideal for use in permanently wet areas inside and outdoors and proves an extensive functionality according to the unanimous vote of the judges.

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