The Chinese manufacturer calls the Chiq BCD-370WP9B Smart Refrigerator not only because of its innovative W-LAN connection, but also because of its additional temperature zone. Most fridge-/freezer combinations open up to the content with four doors, whereas the 185 cm high 307 Smart Refrigerator, which has only been developed for the Chinese market, offers five doors. A double folding doors gives access to the LED-light cooling area. Two drawers are standard freezer compartments. An innovation is hidden in the third drawer: It can be adjusted to temperatures between -30 and +10 degrees, allowing fast and soft freezing processes. All settings of the Chiq fridge-/freezer combination can be comfortably controlled via an App – if needed, even outside the home to prepare the cooling for food that has just been bought.

+   Smart phone operation via W-LAN and App
+   Separate, third drawer up to -30 degrees for fast freezing
+   LED interior illumination

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