The electronic instantaneous water heater DSX Touch from Clage scores on a large scale: innovation, high quality, design, ease of use and ecology make it award-worthy. The flat design create a highlight for the bathroom. Alternatively, the DSX Touch can be hidden and controlled with the Smart-Control system via iPad or integrated into a KNX bus system. Thanks to the front-flush touch display and the innovative menu, operating the instantaneous water heater is simple and intuitive. Users can easily set different individual temperature profiles, define saving targets and set the heater according to one’s own wishes. The timer, saving the filling level of the tab or the adaptation of the display to the viewing habits of the user create additional ease of use. Compared to other systems, the DSX Touch saves water and energy because it heats only the water, which is really needed. Thus, it has the best classification A in the new energy efficiency label.

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