Clevertouch – Impact Plus ™

This is how digitalisation in schools works. Clevertouch offers way more than just a simple smartboard with their Impact products. The devices that are adapted exactly to all the requirements of school curricula have a multitude of free apps and software solutions and are especially developed for the digital classroom. Contents can be transmitted from Android, iOS, Windows or Chrome devices as well as via WiFi, Bluetooth or an adaptive Slot-in-PC. The Impact also has a Gigabit-Lan integration as well as 4K-resolution, two 15-Watt speakers and Line Array microphones. Thanks to the High Precision Technology it becomes very easy writing on the board either with a pen or your finger without any delay.

+ multitude of apps and software solutions
+ connectivity with every common operating system
+ Wifi and LAN connection
+ 4K-resolution
+ High Precision-Technology for writing without delay

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