Cloer Toaster 3317-1

Pink, yellow, turquoise or green – if you put the Cloer toaster 3317-1 into your kitchen or onto your breakfast table, you will always enjoy a fresh design accent in the morning – or for your brunch towards midday. At what time ever, you have to have the moxie for cheeky colours. The colourful skin hides proven Cloer technology. The 825 W consuming device features a bread centering and sensor electronics for evenly and ideally toasted pieces of bread. If a slice should jam, the toaster 3317-1 automatically switches off. In the thermally isolated plastic casing, there is also a crumb drawer, and the bun-warmer is also integrated. That way, it doesn’t lie around or needs to be taken out of a cupboard.

+ Simplest control with an integrated bun-warmer
+ Cheeky colours as an accentuating statement
+ Sensor electronic and bread centering

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