Confitex Technology

In extensive research over several years, Confitex has developed and patented a world-leading textile technology that is used within our washable absorbent, leakproof underwear for men and women and nursing pads for breastfeeding mothers. The multi-layered textile features industry-leading technical innovations such as an ultra-absorbent layer or a 100% leakproof and 100% PU plastic-free textile layer. The innermost hypoallergenic fabric that is in contact with the skin is yarn dyed, rather than textile dyed, which reduces the textile’s PH levels and its impact on the environment. The underwear is discretely designed to look and feel just like ordinary underwear, with the bonus of a high performing built-in absorbent and leakproof textile.

+ absorbent textiles for underwear and nursing pads
+ 100% leakproof and 100% PU plastic-free
+ hypoallergenic fabric
+ discrete design

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