C+P UV-C Garderobenschank

The UV-C locker by C-P Möbelsystem allows the germ-free storage of private or professional clothing thanks to its integrated UV-C illumination. Two sterilisation lamps are located inside the locker on the top and the bottom. They disinfect the interior space and a large part of the clothing’s surface at all places the light hits. Its efficiency is up to 99%; no additional chemicals are needed and no health-hazardous by-products such as ozone are created. The locker is a robust steel construction and is delivered with two or three compartments. Each compartment features its own electronics, which starts the sterilisation process at the opening and closing of the door.

+ UV-C locker for the germ-free storage of private and professional clothing
+ separate sterilisation in each compartment
+ robust steel construction

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