Curaflam Konfix Pro

The Curaflam® KonfixPro features a solid manufacturing and – compared to formerly used systems – a much easier handling. It is flexible, easy to use and fulfills the new screening criteria of the BIBt with flying colours. The Curaflam® KonfixPro by DOYMA proves that strict screening criteria and ease of use can built a congenial unit. The Curaflam® KonfixPro is available in sizes DN 50 and DN 100. Thanks to its flexible flap technologie, the Curaflam® KonfixPro in size DN 100 can be used for all pipe sizes from DN 70 to 100, e.g. Where the installer needed more than 10 separate parts before, he needs only two handy parts today, to mount secure fire protection for mixed installations.

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