The CYBEX infant carrier Aton Q combines advanced security and an innovative functionality with an appealing design. Its unpretentious look hides a lot of practical features such as the XXL sun cover which can simply be hidden under a cover of the same colour when not in use. The soft and comfortably cushioned comfort variation of the Platinum child’s set is available in 10 colour combinations. In addition, the infant carrier Aton Q is available in seven more colour variations. The exclusive Plus colour variation is characterised by the extremely robust tissue with twill effect in denim design. All operating elements are easy to recognise by their grey colour and can be used intuitively. Thanks to the headrest – which can be adjusted in height in eight steps and features an integrated strap guide – the threading of the strap system is eliminated; operating errors are nearly impossible. The telescopically retractable side-impact protection can be operated with one hand, protecting the child against a possible side impact. In addition, the integrated seat height adjustment offer a very flat lying angle which can be adapted by simply adjusting the headrest. By this, the seating angle of the baby automatically changes; the infant carrier grows with the child. This integrated adaption automatics make sure that also larger children enjoy more space and comfort.

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