The handling of the “kamereon” switch from dakanimo is done intuitively and for all senses. It gives feedback by virbration, by a click signal and by the glowing of the RGB-surfaces. This means that the switch itself actively communicates; by the interaction, it feels nearly to be alive. The operation of the switch is well known as it is similar to operating a smart phone, making it intuitive for the user. In its rest position, the switch in the colour combinations piano lacquer black or snow top white looks puristic, elegant and keeping a low profile. If the switch is in action, the contours of the buttons glow, the discreet switch becomes a prominent design object. As the contours are underlined with coloured areas made of RGB-light, the colour can be chosen individually with the glowing contours contributing to the individual design. Each switch looks different, but always strong in colour.

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