This new XXL planter, designed by the renowned sculpturer and product designer Volker Hundertmark, plays with the possibilities of an opposing, buckled tubular shape. Compared to other solitary vessels, VARIA sets completely new accents with regards to flexibility of its use. Different than most other planters, placing several products does not only mean creating a series of the same vessel. The outstanding VARIA form means a multiple interaction of several planters. This can be as an island in flower shape, as open or nearly opaque room divider. No matter which solution, VARIA always offers the choice between a slim and a broad silhouette – depending on the direction of the planter. VARIA is weather and UV resistant, shock absorbent and is thus not only suitable for indoor use, but also for year-round outdoor use. This is also true for the illuminated version, which sets special highlights with its warm, white light.

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