Power at the push of a button – always and everywhere – is delivered by this 3.3 kW strong, digital inverter generator with e-start and radio remote control. Thanks to the inverter technology, it provides clean power without voltage fluctuations. Thus, also sensible electrical devices such as LCD-TVs, laptops etc. can be operated. With the integrated battery and the radio remote control, the inverter generator can be easily started with a click. All relevant performance data is shown on the integrated LC-display. The security of the generator is guaranteed by the automatic switch-off for overload and the integrated sensor for lack of oil. To reduce fuel consumption, it is equipped with a fuel save mode which can be activated by a simple click on the eco switch. In this mode, the digital inverter generator adapts the engine speed and the output to the power needed by the connected device. With an operating time of up to ten hours, it provides a reliable power supply on the move. The digital display allows an easy read of the operating states. An eco-mode is integrated.

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