The children’s carrier Kid Comfort 3 doesn’t only carry comfort in its name, it also scores with ease of use. In addition, it convinces with high quality and functionality as well as design and ergonomics. For the child, Kid Comfort 3 offers an ergonomic seating position and comfortable seating. Therefore, the carrier can be adjusted in the sitting height. The same goes for the footrests. When the height is adjusted, the width of the seat adjusts itself too, so that even bigger kids can sit comfortably. The safety belt ensures the security of the child. The carrier can be individually adapted to the person carrying it by adjusting the height. Its aluminium frame makes sure, that the weight mainly rests on the hips in every position. Adjustable hip fins and upholstered shoulder straps enhance the comfort. The back ventilation prevents sweating. Besides the child, the Kid Comfort 3 offers enough space for accessories, e.g. for putting on a baby’s nappy or feeding. The children’s carrier is loadable up to 22 kg (18 kg for the child and 4 kg for accessories).

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