The baby cradle Jolle from „Die Koje“ scores with high quality, design and ecology. It is made of 100 percent Austrian stone pinewood and works fully without metal or plastic. Its mattress is made of coconut mat, sheep wool and a linen coat. The Jolle distinguishes itself from other baby cradles at the very first glance: the x-formed skids and the reduction to the essential elements deliver a straight image, which shows the well-being aspect at the same time. The felt roof is hand-sewn, symbolising the protection of the child in the cradle, the skids are for rocking the child softly. On the ecological side of things, the baby cradle follows the Cradle-to-Cradle principle. This implies that the company has consequently integrated ecological aspects from the choice of raw materials over the production up to the recycling or disposal. The result is a sustainable product.

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