The multi touch screen Divus Touchzone combines building automation and applications from the tablet and smart phone environment, thus offering high functionality and ease of use. Also, quality and design play a major role for the Touchzone. The Divus Touchzone is a high quality, capacitive multi touch screen. The attractive, stand-alone glass front is shockproof. Besides the black and white design, users can choose between covers in aluminium, real glass or other materials such as wood or stone optic or a special coating. Thus, the Divus Touchzone harmonically fits into every existing environment. The ease of use is defined by Android Apps, which can be chosen individually according to the user’s needs. The Divus Apps are optimized for building technology, e.g. door communication. The Touchzone distinguishes itself by flexibility and the large variety of possible combinations – secure building functions are added up by well-known applications such as weather forecast, infotainment, Skype or Facebook. Thanks to its cabling, the Touchzone always offers a secure, constant connection.

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