EHL Tribus

The EHL brand’s Tribus wall system is the market innovation for 2022. The system enables the user to create “walls” in a new dimension. No tedious stacking of concrete blocks, no heavy transport or back-damaging carrying of stones. The stones are lighter due to the cavity inside. Thanks to the innovative shaping of the stones, a plug-in connection from stone to stone is possible, which are held together by appropriate connectors. The individual stone itself is shaped in such a way that it can be stored in a more space-saving manner than conventional bricks. They can be stored tilted from stone to stone. This means that less storage space is required. Not only an innovation, also the functionality and ergonomics are absolutely deserved award categories of the Tribus of EHL.

+ Innovative brick system
+ Ergonomic handling for the user
+ Less material – and therefore ecological
+ Space-saving storage

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