They look like designer units for a luxury home, but Electrolux myPro washer and myPro dryer are primarily intended for professional use in a small laundry. Their appropriately configured capacities and programmes allow them to handle up to eight kilogrammes of laundry in one relatively fast cycle. A load of 60°C laundry takes 70 minutes to wash in heated water or 12 minutes longer in cold water. The dryer finishes the same load in just under 130 minutes. Materials of extremely high quality are used for the interior components as well as the outside. According to Electrolux, the units will last up to three times longer than conventional household appliances because of the stable materials and special vibration-suppressing structures they incorporate.

+   Triple the life cycle of household appliances
+   Professional programmes for top-quality laundering
+   Fast laundry cycles and optimal energy efficiency

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