A wide shaft opening for an easy entry, a high and wide protective toecap, no disturbing seams which cause bruises and chafe marks: The Dialution Low ESD S3 by Elten is a shoe, which is especially well-suited for people with feet deformities. The innovative shoe features a detachable inner shoe, offering enough space for voluminous feet also. Elten has one target for the Dialution Low: to secure the employability of the user. In the long run, orthopaedic measures and adaptations of the foot protection can prevent many foot operations.

+ water-repellent textile material Cordura and breathable textile lining
+ detachable, washable inner shoe
+ thick, soft insole for the ideal distribution of the weight
+ metall-free anti-perforation protection
+ PU/PU sole Dialution with supporting profile blocks in the middle shoe
+ high and wide protective toecap made of plastic
+ wide shaft opening

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